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Principals’ Federation

The New Zealand Principals’ Federation represents more than 2000 principals from the education sector.
The Federation, which was first established in 1982, provides support and a professional voice for members throughout New Zealand, also information and professional resources, as well as a number of publications and a helpline.


Te Ariki Trust

The Ariki Trust has been established to commemorate the leadership research and development of the late Dr David Stewart. David’s legacy is continued through a memorial scholarship which is offered annually to principals, who are studying leadership.

Help Line

The NZPF executive provides a Helpline service to all members.  When you contact the Helpline, we will arrange for an experienced colleague to contact you so you can discuss any matter causing you difficulty with someone who understands your perspective and who will be able to help you decide how best to proceed.

Grants & Awards

The following awards and grants are made annually through and by the New Zealand Principals’ Federation.

Help Line

Principals who pay for their own Legal Advice Support Scheme and then move school, will still own the contract and the contract moves with them.  If the owner of the contract is the board, then the cover will be for the principal in that school at that time.

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